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Why Choose our Trust

Bernwode Schools Trust will ensure that, together, our trust will improve student/pupil achievement by ensuring better opportunities for a wider curriculum; shared expertise; create economies of scale which will free up budget to spend on front-line activity; and ultimately further empower school leaders to be ambassadors for higher standards of teaching in their school.

Bernwode Schools Trust will provide expert support to all academies within the Trust at all levels including leadership, CPD, teaching and learning and governance.

Bernwode Schools Trust will ensure that school Headteachers are free from the worries and distractions of running the ‘business’ of an academy so that  they can focus on ensuring their school continually improves and grows and staff are supported and developed to provide the very best opportunities for the children in the school.

Bernwode Schools Trust will support all teachers to improve and evolve the quality of their teaching to the highest possible standard to ensure that every student and every pupil leaves the academy with an exceptional education.

Bernwode Schools Trust will ensure the highest levels of support to empower each of its schools to achieve and maintain year on year improvement of learning, safe guarding and value for money in every school.

By joining Bernwode Schools Trust, each and every school can expect sharing of best practice amongst other schools that work within the Trust. Each school that joins will have the ability and opportunity to contribute to the development of the Trust as new schools join over time.

Collaboration and networking between schools and practitioners at all levels is proven to maximise improvement and outcomes for children and young people. Our schools support each other,  sharing expertise to improve, grow and to diversify. We are committed to sharing values, quality and expertise.

Bernwode Schools Trust principals of our governance

  • Transparency
  • Subsidiarity
  • Solidarity
  • Collaboration and the common good
  • Equal partners with a common ethos and aims

The Trust is able to provide support at all levels including leadership, CPD, teaching and learning and governance.

What are the benefits of joining the Bernwode Schools Trust?

Economic advantages

A MAT provides economic benefits, such as centralised services and the ability to focus funds where they are most needed.

Providing greater economies of scale through centralised services and support; it allows us to negotiate and approach suppliers to gain reduced rates

Capital funding – For example, roofs, buildings, boilers etc., major site upgrades

More flexible staffing resources right across the organisation

To offer services often out of the reach of smaller stand alone schools such as Marketing, Media and Communications, onsite estates, tailored IT Support, Bespoke staffing requirements, Tailored CPD.

Examples of centralised services are: Site and Estates services, Marketing, Finance and Financial services; Human Resources; Legal services; IT and IT related services & support solutions, Cloud services and GSuite for Education, etc..

Improved Leadership and Management

  • Sharing workload and worry.
  • On hand advice, knowledge and mentoring.
  • Cross organisation training days, workshops and support.
  • A broader base for developing leaders.
  • A strategic Board of Directors, whilst retaining Local Governing Body independence and accountability (as the Academy Committee).
  • A greater sharing/understanding of governance and wider issues.

A consistent strategy

The Bernwode Schools Trust provides a clear and consistent strategy throughout our MAT:

  • The link to governance and accountability helps drive forward school improvement, as does challenge and support between schools and from the MAT.
  • A stronger brand allows us to attract parents and applications for admissions, right across our organisation.
  • New opportunities to develop new primary / secondary curriculum links and transition opportunities:

Challenge from Y6 to Y7

  • Sports Premium / Leaders / Competitions
  • Opportunities for staff and Joint CPD
  • Use of facilities / staff /buildings
  • Equipment and resources
  • Sharing of information at a corporate level
  • Clear and consistent ethos, aims and vision

The Benefits of our Partnership

Joining Bernwode Schools Trust affords you access to a supportive and diverse academy network and unique range of services that can be tailored to your needs. Membership comes in the form of a bespoke package to entirely suit your school and its individual priorities. You will join a network of colleagues who share good practice and want to work in collaboration. Professional development and promotion opportunities are extended within the Trust. The academy structure is robust, maintained and diverse, meaning that its staff can move within the trust to gain valuable experience, advice and mentoring, otherwise not afforded in a more insular environment, whilst also giving academy leaders a voice at the highest strategic level.

Additional advantages include:

  • Quality-assurance and high quality school support;
  • Representation and lobbying of our schools with the DfE, educational bodies and the corporate sector;
  • A forum for discussion, networking, collaboration and the sharing of good practice through interactions, conferences, seminars and Continuing Professional Development;
  • A long term, robust and valuable programme of school support and development in line with the individual needs of your school;
  • Training, inset and support for children, teachers and leaders.
  • Access to professionals and information, relating to developments and trends in UK education.

What will I see?

  • A named "challenge partner" to provide up to 3, one day challenge visits per year;
  • Three Facilitated Head Groups per year;
  • Three days remote support from your "challenge partner" for visit preparation, data analysis and coordination of support;
  • Unlimited access to events for teaching and support staff;
  • Access to Teacher recruitment Services and showcasing at recruitment events;
  • A named "business partner" to broker additional support for the Trust schools from key Trust partners.
  • Access to and advice and support from relevant BLAT central services.
  • Regular consultation opportunities to tailor services and support.

Additional support

  • Support for the Local Governing Body
  • Clerking and specialist advice
  • Annual review of governance
  • Minuting of additional meetings
  • Support for Academy based Clerks

Contact Us

If you would like an informal conversation with our Executive Headteacher, Mr B Baxter and/or further information about The Bernwode Schools Trust, please contact or telephone: 01869 242121.