Mission, Ethos & Culture

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide to all our students/pupils a first-class and improving education that enables them, in all aspects of their lives, to make the progress and achieve the standards that reflect their full ability. This reflects our ethos both as an academy and as individual schools which serve their community.

Our Ethos

Our recent Ofsted Inspection (June 2017) wrote about the leadership of the school:

“You are driven by a desire to raise the aspirations of all students and have maintained and developed the culture of school improvement…..”

and that this has resulted in…

"a caring, nurturing and inclusive ethos that permeated the school. Inspectors were impressed by the calm and purposeful atmosphere and the strong relationships that exist between staff and students and among students themselves.”

Our Culture

Our Culture (Our Enduring Traits) is where:

  • our students care about the safety of themselves and each other;
  • we have a curriculum for all Key Stage and Years that is varied, complex, challenging and deep;
  • we work together with other organisations and agencies in a true spirit of partnership resulting in all students, irrespective of background, have access to a rich and diverse range of opportunities matched to their aspirations and interests which enables them to explore, lead, collaborate and communicate outside the core curriculum and the school day;
  • we are proactive in evaluating, refining and evolving our systems and structures to meets the needs of the school at any given time for example restructuring the AEN department to improve the provision for groups of students, including the creation of HLTAs with designated roles both in departments and by student need (Autism, Hearing impaired, Global learning etc.)